Commercial Construction

Commercial Division

With over 35 years experience in Glass and Glazing, Designer Glasswork is able to execute contracts for Residential and Commercial construction including installation, attach, maintain, repair, fabricate, alter, extend and/or design. We can install all types of windows, storefront, curtain wall, glass and mirrors, whether fixed or movable, swinging or sliding glass doors attached to existing walls, floors, columns, or other structural members of the building as per specs and drawings from the architect/owner.

We also provide installation of impact-resistant and or fire- resistant opening protection attached to the existing building walls, floors, columns, or other structural members of the building.  We can assist with waterproofing existing curtain wall systems, caulk around glass, around framing, pre cast joints and metal joints and performed tests for water infiltration, wind load and structural integrity of the curtain wall systems.

Designer Glassworks will participate with meetings with the architect/owner during all stages of design to address any potential problems, and solutions.

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